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Free Referrals

How Does the Referral System Work?
Now you have 2 options when using the Douglas County Child Care Association's FREE referral service! You can either call one of our volunteers, listed on the left side of this page, or you can use our electronic referral system located by selecting "Search" at the top of this page. We suggest first calling the referral agent. She will have a list of providers who actually have a current opening. Then do a search where you can read a little about each provider. Referral agents contact providers on a monthly basis to inquire about childcare openings. The benefit of the electronic referral (by selecting "Search" above) is that it can be accessed 24/7.

Electronic Referrals

To access the Electronic Referral system, click on the search button above on the menu bar. In this area, you can search using one of the criteria choices. You can search by zip code, subdivision, elementary school, or hours of operation, among other things. After you select the criteria, press the Search button at the bottom of this page and you will receive a list of results. On your results page, you will see a brief description of the providers. Click on the individual provider's name for further detailed information. On behalf of all of our providers,

we ask that you contact them during normal business hours. While this search engine is available 24 hours a day, our providers generally keep standard business hours so that they can have time alone with their families.

Phone Referrals
Castle Rock Referrals:

Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree, Acres Green & Centennial: 



Parker & Elizabeth Referrals:



Hours of Operation

8:30 AM - 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday, except holidays.
Investigating Providers
Please be advised that the Douglas County Child Care Association does not make any recommendations for Child Care Providers on this site. The only information we can relay is the providers' current openings and their phone number. To become a member all we require is that a provider is licensed. We do not look into their standings. As the child's guardian, you are fully responsible for any investigation necessary to make an informed choice for your child's care. A licensed provider's record can be obtained by contacting Colorado Department of Human Services at 303-866-5958 or on the web
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