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The Douglas County Child Care Association (DCCCA) is a private, non-profit organization which consists of licensed family child care providers who have an interest in the development and safety of children. The purpose of DCCCA is to help cultivate high-quality child care through the education, support, and guidance to providers and parents and to increase community awareness of the importance of professional high-quality child care which will enhance every Childs life.


How we can help Parents:


Good quality in-home child care has become an issue of great importance today with so many mothers working outside the home. We hope this childcare site will assist you by providing the information you need to help you choose the best daycare environment for your child/children when you can’t be there.

· You have two options for free referrals for local licensed in-home child care providers. You can either call one of our referral agents on the left-hand side of this screen or you

   can use our Electronic Referral System located on this site which will give you more detailed information about each of the providers (just click on the "search" icon above).

   We provide names for all of Douglas County including but not limited to Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree, Acres Green, Elizabeth, Parker, Castle Rock, Surrey Ridge, Castle

   Pines North, etc.

· Articles and information about children’s health, safety, and the in-home childcare industry.

· Educational workshops for both parents and providers with an emphasis on in-home child care services.

How we can help Providers: We  Can Help You Be All That You Can Be!

· Referrals from our website AND our phone line.  These can help keep you full!

Classes for your ongoing educational training.  We usually have at least 22 hours of class training and are constantly working on creating new and interesting class topics.

  (We are also working on finding FREE online courses for your added convenience.)

Updates via email which keep you apprised of what's happening in the child care industry and DCCCA itself. With H.S. wanting us to be rated this could be extremely

   important soon.

·  Articles and information about children’s health, safety, and the childcare industry.

·  A support and guidance system of people who understand your problems.  Who other than another provider understands what we go through in a single day with 6 or

   more children in our care.  Sometimes we need to ask questions or just be reassured of how we handled situations that occur. It's always nice to hear a sympathetic

   voice on the other end of our phone.

. Mentoring from an experienced provider.  Being a new provider there are a thousand things you need to know.  Being able to pick up the phone and ask someone is


. Reciprocal classes for ongoing educational training from other associations.

. Peer interaction. 

· We offer a link to your website through our online referral system.

· Most important; a voice in our industry! We help to enhance and promote professionalism among home child care providers.

(We do not recommend or endorse any individual child care provider. Parents seeking child care should carefully screen each prospective provider and select the one which best fits their child rearing philosophy and the needs of their family.)