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Finders Keepers Family Child Care Home & Preschool
Phone: 303-766-9241

Exceptional home for early childhood care, with a proven preschool curriculum incorporating the Colorado Early Learning Developmental Guidelines. Exemplifies highest quality of care for whole child growth & development. Emphasizing social, emotional, and cognitive competencies. Committed to overall early childhood best practices from infancy to school age.

Established professional partnerships with Colorado Shines, the Douglas County Library Book Start Program, Douglas County All Health Network, Rhythm and Rhyme Tyme, and the Douglas County Child Care Association, among others.

An intentional family community that allows for children to thrive and grow, while becoming their best selves! Viva childhood!!

A Child's Place
Phone: 303-683-0756

Early Childhood Ed Courses. Twenty & years exp. Focus on good nutrition. Activities include infant motor skills. Preschool, verbal math, music and art and crafts. Plenty of outdoor playtime.

Aurita's Child Care
Phone: 303-470-2135

I've been providing child care services for more than 30+ years, and have more than 100 hours of childhood development infant & toddler training, and Level 2 of expanding quality infant training with a focus on responsive care. The dedicated space in my home for child care is clean, safe, loving, and an educational and caring environment. Daily routine includes music, dancing, singing, reading, playing, and learning social skills and good manners.

Early Bird Daycare
Phone: 720-261-0786

Early Bird Daycare is a motherly, friendly and happy environment with healthy homemade meals. Educational opportunities for your precious children. EBD door is open for enrolling your children everyday.

The Love & Learning Place
Phone: 303-841-6144

Exceptional quality, traditional PreK and JrK classrooms in my home. Curriculum is deep, broad, incorporates monthly field trips & Christian themes. Students will have advanced skills for Kindergarten upon completion, and they love school. Skilled PreK/JrK teacher (19 years), high parent satisfaction. References available upon request.

Wee Play Family Childcare
Phone: 303-791-3386

B.S. degree in Child Development from CSU. Former director & teacher. Licensed in Highlands Ranch since 1990. I offer varied developmentally appropriate activities and warm loving care in a natural home environment. Excellent references.

Cheryl's Daycare
Phone: 303-791-2859

I offer a loving, caring, environment. The majority of my experience is in infant to 3 years old. I love what I do. Twenty years of caring.

Cynthia Baker Day Care
Phone: 720-362-3185

I came from a large family of six and being the oldest sibling I helped my mother raise them. I am happily married for 26 years and raised two sons. I provide a safe and loving environment, preschool program and nutritious meals.

Hug-A-Bear Infant/Toddler Care
Phone: 720-984-3875

Safe, loving, nurturing environment where your child can grow and develop their skills and abilities while interacting with children their age. Low teacher/child ratio in a clean christian home. On-going Early Childhood Education. Up to date requirements for state licensing.

Edie's Day Care
Phone: 303-507-8143

Licensed provider for 23+ years. I provide a clean, safe, and nurturing environment for your children. I have a preschool program and provide hot meals and snacks. I have full and part-time openings.

Blocks of Life
Phone: 720-231-6907

Licensed Childcare Provider. Loving environment/Learning/Play/Building Self esteem/Social skills at child's development age. Childcare is my passion. Great references, safe, fun childcare.

Ivanka's Daycare
Phone: 720-517-3370

I am an experienced childcare provider of 15 years. I offer a safe, clean, and loving environment where children play, learn, and grow. I help them to prepare for their future success in kindergarten and throughout their elementary years.

Miss Jen's Munchkins
Phone: 303 688-3851

Here at Miss Jen's Munchkins, we make learning an adventure! I strive to offer a loving, and safe learning environment for all ages in my care. My mission is to interact and guide children in developing their verbal, cognitive, motor, & social skills necessary to transition to a formal school environment. My goal is to instill a life long learning desire within all kids I work with.

Adventures in Bethel
Phone: 720-312-6738

Spanish speaking. Worked for the Department of Health and Human Services for the last 10 years. Day care will offer Spanish classes daily. Married with two kids. Speak English fluently. Major in Business Administration.

Jo Ann Rogers Day Care LLC
Phone: 303-791-0299

More than 25 years experience in Highlands Ranch. Professionally trained, nurturing child care provider in a warm and loving setting. Focusing on the emotional, social, and intellectual development of every child. Having fun every day as we grow.

Phone: 720-353-0278

I provide a nurturing, stimulating and quality infant, toddler, and Pre-K experience for children six weeks to five years. The environment is aligned with the Colorado Early Learning and Development Guidelines encouraging continuum of development.

My pre-school/Pre-KI program encourages children to develop physical/motor skills, cognitive/language skills, and social/emotional skills fostering kindergarten readiness.

Back to Basics Family Preschool
Phone: 720-508-3565

Our preschoolers love school. It's our #1 priority. We offer a loving, nurturing age appropriate environment for your child. We also offer a strong kindergarten readiness program full day and part-time options available.

Josephine Home Day Care
Phone: 303-704-2155

Three things that children needed the most, tie, attention, and most of all love. They needed this from parents and from us.

Julia's Daycare - Laugh, Learn and Love A Lot
Phone: 720-217-7686

We Laugh, Learn, Love and grow in my in home quality Child Care. Located in Metzlers Ranch area of Castle Rock. I have a degree in Early Childhood Education. Happily married with daughter of my own.

Dragonfly Childcare and Services
Phone: 303-641-2319

Day Care with Karen
Phone: 303-840-2046

I've been happily married for 35 years. I have 4 children and 10 grandchildren. I'm a home away from home daycare. I believe these early years are for nurturing and teaching children how to interact and have respect for others.

Kathy's Daycare
Phone: 720 638-4858

Tina's Tots 2.0
Phone: 701 610-8054

I believe "the greatest use of a life is to spend it on something that will outlast it" (William James). I have always loved being around children and feel that providing a loving and nurturing environment for them to thrive and grow is the most meaningful and rewarding use of my time. I use a whole-child approach with a focus on safety, play based learning , and child development , as I read, play, cook, sing, create, teach, learn and grow with your child. Providing quality care for your child, while maintaining open communication with families is my way of influencing society in a positive way. I was an elementary school teacher from 2005-2011 before starting my own family and opening up my small home childcare "Tina's Tots" in 2011. Please see my facebook page for more details, updates, and reviews from families:

Kelly's Daycare
Phone: 303-346-0012

Toddler based program geared for ages 2 - 4 years old.

Little Duckling
Phone: 720-851-2663

I have been doing licensed child care in Colorado for more than 30 years.

Mother's Choice Learning Center
Phone: 720-401-9008

I am happily married 20 yrs. We have 2 boys ages 13 & 17. I am a college grad. with a masters degree in Bus. Admin. I have been licensed for 10 years. I provide a fun, safe, healthy environment and do have a pre-school program. I provide excellent references.

Mary's Child Care
Phone: 303 591-4599

As an experienced provider, I strive to provide a loving, safe, and fun environment for ages 15 months to 5 years old! While under my care, I strive to teach independence, while helping develop their verbal, cognitive, motor, and social skills necessary to transition to a formal school environment. Here at Mrs. Mary's, we make learning an adventure!

Nanny Michelle's Child Care Home
Phone: 630-234-8722

Predmore's Daycare
Phone: 303-690-0610

20 some years experienced. Provide preschool four mornings a week. Breakfast, lunch, & snack daily. Loving Mom of 2 boys and a clean environment. No pets.

Roxane Marshall-Criswell
Phone: 303-518-8501

I have enjoyed being a childcare provider for over 22 years. I provide a loving, safe, clean, fun home where your children are free to grow as individuals. I provide meals and snacks! I will help your children grow in language, literacy, physical well being, motor development, mathematics and most important a great social foundation. Some of the social skills we will be working on are cooperation, being a friend, sharing, being patient, helping others, following directions, staying on task, accepting differences, being polite, using good manners and so many more. I believe kindergarten readiness is not just about one-two-threes and ABCs. It is ensuring that children have self-help skills and are socially ready to interact with their peers in a positive way.

Sabri Custom Family Daycare
Phone: 303-898-3049

Smiles, laughter, warming heart....this is what children give to me. Bring your child to learn, play, and explore in a fun, safe, loving environment. I have 2 great playrooms, a large backyard and a smoke free home. Preschool will be an important part of your child's time with me. I take pride in having them ready to start Kindergarten so that Kindergarten is a great experience for them so they love it.

Sunny Brae Daycare
Phone: 303-947-7975

Established in 2004. I have 2 wonderful children of my own, ages 18 and 14. Lots of fun activities, preschool curriculum, Holiday celebrations, Birthday parties and outdoor playtime.

Sandy's ABC Day Care
Phone: 720 666-2483

I am a certified teacher. I have been providing daycare for 25 years. I provide a home environment and use every opportunity to have a teaching moment. Lots of arts and crafts.

Rocking Horse Ranch Private Childcare
Phone: 303-547-8601

Specializing in Infant/Toddlers with a 4:1 ratio. Your child is a unique individual who has the opportunity to explore, interact and succeed in a warm atmosphere that encourages growth and development. Please call for a professional interview/meeting.

Lit'l Buddy Childcare
Phone: 303-841-5899

My motto is "I Love Them As My Own.". Your child will be cared for in a loving, nurturing home environment. You will leave your child knowing they are well cared for in a safe and fun place. I teach a preschool program that will make them kindergarten ready. We do music, art, dance, story time, science, occasional field trips, and lots of outdoor play. Please see my website for more information. Over 25 years experience. Smoke free home. Thanks!

Teida's Tots
Phone: 720-810-7296

My daycare home is about safety, fun and learning. I specialize in early childhood development, and I am bilingual (Spanish being my native language) and I enjoy integrating Spanish into both playtime and school, (i.e. The ABCs, and during handwriting, reading, math, and simple science/nature and activities). I am a Master herbalist and serve nutritional homemade meals. My mission is to help parents to bring up children to become healthy, happy and successful in this competitive world.

Miss Vickie's Childcare & Preschool
Phone: 303-707-0812

Miss Vickie has 24 years of childcare experience. I believe the first years of a child's life is by far the most important. Through nurturing and individualized attention. I take great care to provide a warm, friendly, and fun learning environment for your child. I strive to nurture your child's ideas and imagination. She is currently working on her Colorado Shines Level 3-5 Rating.

Violy's Day Care
Phone: 720-344-4505

Experienced daycare provider for over 14 years. Daily preschool lessons, and games. Home cooked meals. Large outdoor play area.

Wee People
Phone: 303-618-3449

Providing childcare services for 20+ years. Licensed Provider. CPR/1st Aid. Certified Medical Assistant. BLS Certification. Smoke free and pet free home.

Loving and nurturing environment providing age appropriate learning activities in a positive environment. Daily routine entails dancing, music, exercise, singing, reading, playing and learning while developing social skills.

Healthy home-cooked meals provided along with nutritious snacks.

Yojana's Childcare
Phone: 720-548-8646

Loving, experienced, provider delivers one-on-one nurture and care in comfortable home for up to 4 children. I focus on instructive, fun learning and outdoor play. Natural and organic foods served for 2 meals and 2 snacks. Impeccable references.